Solo Girl

On Sunday, Mom took me to Petco.  That's right, just ME!  Steve had to stay home with Dad.  Mom and I had very important business to take care of at Petco.  We had to go buy a clicker, a treat bag, and some soft, chewy treats.  I bet you're wondering why we needed those specific items.  Well, it's because I'm starting school this week!  Mom and I are going to an agility beginners class starting tomorrow.  I'm very excited.  It's something just us girls are going to do, no Steve, no Dad, no Wilbur!  Mom says I'm going to learn how to do some really cool stuff like jump over things, run through tunnels, walk over teeter-totters, and other stuff.  I'm not sure what I will learn first!

Anyway, back to Petco.  We went down the chewie aisle.  I tried to get Mom to buy me a new Nylabone, but she said I just got a new one in June and didn't already need another one.
Then we went to the treat aisle.  I thought the Meaty Bones on the bottom shelf looked pretty good, but Mom bought something called "Training Treats".  They are tiny, so I guess they are training to be real treats or something.
After the treats, we picked up a clicker and a treat bag and we went to the front to pay.  While waiting in line, I checked out some hamsters, but Mom said "OFF!" and I had to jump off their cage.  Then it was time to check-out.  As you can see, I waited very politely before I told Mom to swipe her plastic card.
I think it was a pretty successful shopping trip.  I will let you know how class goes tomorrow!

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