Stuff from Summi

On Saturday we had a big surprise.  We got a present from Summi!

Summi wrote a really nice note on the box.  Apparently he heard about my encounter with a squirrel and the squirrel somehow losing it's head.  (Prove that I did it, Dad.)
Check it out!  He sent us two really cool stuffies, but the stuffies don't have stuffing.  They are really fun.
I immediately took my squirrel and set off to decapitate it, I mean lovingly cuddle it.  (Dad's listening, so I have to be sly.)
Squeak, squeak, squeak goes the squirrel head.
Dad took this video of us.
Since the new toys arrived, I've been taking mine to bed every night.  Kat tries to copy me, so she brings her fox to bed and then falls asleep, so I take it and horde both toys.  Seriously, don't you think I'm the smartest?

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