Our productive weekend

Whew!  I'm sure tired from the weekend.  Kat and I worked hard all weekend long.  We installed a nice flagstone patio in front of Dad's shed.  In addition to installing the patio, we also planted bushes.  Here we are inspecting our work.

Be sure to notice Dad just standing there doing nothing while we worked really hard.  Here's another picture from a different angle.
Do you want to know what Mom and Dad were doing while we were slaving away?  They were watching Oklahoma State University's first football game of the season against Washington State University.  The game was in Seattle at the Seahawks' stadium. 
It's a good thing that Mom and Dad have us because otherwise they would have had to stay home and work instead of sitting and watching football while eating french fries and hamburgers.

I'm a muffin

How did you get that idea?