Friday night on the town

On Friday, we got a special package from the Army of Four!  They sent us some new leashes.  A while back they tried out the leashes, but didn't like them, so when Mom mentioned that she was going to buy us the same leashes, their mom offered to send us theirs.  We were so excited to get actually used-by-the-Army-of-Four-merchandise!  (Their mom also sent Mom a tote bag.  It's super cute.)

Here I am modeling my new leash.  It used to be Stormy's so you can see that in this picture I'm trying to look like I'm in charge.
Kat's leash used to belong to Zim, so she is trying to look really cool in this picture.
Since it was Friday night, Mom and Dad decided to go eat at one of their favorite spots at the Town Center, Firestation Deli.  There are outside tables at the deli, so we got to go too and show off our new leashes.  Before we headed to the deli, we parked near Paddywack and Mom picked up some bully sticks for us so we would have something to eat while Dad and Mom ate their supper.

Next we went to the deli.  Mom got a sandwich and Dad got some clam chowder.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is here's me eating my bully stick.
Here's a sorta blurry picture of Dad and Kat.
After we finished eating, Mom and Dad were just going to load us in the car to go home, but we had other ideas.  So we led them down the sidewalk to a special place.
Here we are outside a photography studio.  The studio just had a cutest dog contest and one of our blogging friends won!  Benson is the top dog in this picture, so we decided to pose with his winning picture.  (There's also a cute husky who was a finalist too.)
Well, that was our exciting Friday night on the Town Center.  We were very well behaved while Mom and Dad ate, so I hope we can make it a Friday night tradition as long as the weather is nice!  (I like getting bully sticks!)

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