New Invention Ad

I received some feedback on my Poop Machine ad, so I have revised it and I will unveil my new ad for all the dog magazines.

First, Stormy said that $99.95 was a good price point because it is much cheaper than $100.  I agree Stormy!  Humans seem to really like anything that ends in 99 or 95, so I decided to go with that and I am very glad you agree since you are super smart.

Booker suggested that I complete my flow chart since really if you get treats, you can make more poop and the cycle continues.  Booker, I think that's a brilliant idea and you can see I have taken your suggestion to heart.  The continuous cycle aspect of my poop machine is one of it's greatest selling points, so I'm glad Booker reminded me to include it.

So without further ado, here is my new ad.


We won the bronze!