Laser Beam Mouse!

For all you cats out there, we have this cool laser beam mouse toy. I don't have this particular toy, but I do have a laser pointer. Mom and Dad use it to beam this annoying red dot all over the floor and walls and I try my hardest to defeat the red dot, but it is very quick. If you're a cat and you don't have a device to beam red dots, you better make a donation and cross your paws that you win. Also, if you have furry beasts at your house, they are also known to try to paw the red dots.

So if you want to win these prizes for your collection, please sponsor us in the blogathon. Your money will go directly to help Sibes across the country through SOS-SRF. Here's how:

1. Email your pledge information (name and pledge amount) to us at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com.
2. Fulfill your pledge either before or after Blogathon on the SOS-SRF homepage by clicking the Paypal button or sending a check to their address.

Super Cool Leash!

Blogathon Prizes