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Hi pups.  Steve's still sleeping.  I'm resting under the desk chair and wooing to Mom so she can type for me.

I'm going to respond to some comments we've received tonight.

Eva wrote that her momma got misty eyed watching Steve chew his nails.  At first I thought that Eva's momma must really need to go to bed.  Then I read that Tasha used to chew her nails and I understood.  Tasha was a great friend and while we miss her, we've enjoyed hearing about Brice's antics too.

Holly mentioned the weather.  We've heard lots of our friends complaining about the weather recently and we're not sure why.  Here's our forecast:
Today (Sunday): High 67, Low 51.
Monday: High 71, Low 54.
Tuesday: High low 60s, Low low 50s
What's there to complain about?

We'll that's about all I have to say on the comments.  Since it's night time, we're not getting as many comments but right now we have the following readers: Huffle, Holly, Domino, Eva, Summi, Sitka, Rocky, Dakota, and the Kapp Pack.  You are great pups!

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