Laundry and some comments

Since Mom has nothing to do today while we are blogging, she's doing laundry. I decided to take a break from blogging to help her out.

Looks good Mom! No whites in with the colors.

Now that laundry is taken care of, I decided to respond to a couple comments we've received. First, Peanut said that his mom doesn't drink coffee, but maybe his dad would like some Husky Java once he returns from Iraq. Well, Peanut, our parents don't drink coffee either, but we've heard from the Army of Four that their parents have enjoyed it. Their dad was in the Army too, so perhaps all Army people love Husky Java. That is my conclusion anyway. I also want to say thanks to Peanut's dad for being so brave and defending my American way of life.

Our second comment comes from Simcha. He said "I miss Wilbur!" You know, Simcha, you haven't been feeling all that great lately, so you must have a fever to say something like that. Wilbur is a crazy lunatic cat. I haven't started missing him!

That's all for now. Keep those comments coming.

Game #4

Wilbur in Hawaii