Super Cool Leash!

Yesterday there was a box on our porch. It was from our Texas grandma. Mom brought it inside and I got really excited. But she told me it wasn't for me. Then she said, "Oh poor, poor Steve. You just expect to get Snap Biscuits when your Texas grandma sends a package." Dad opened the box and said, "It's pictures. Not for you Stevie boy." I just knew they were wrong. My Texas grandma loves me too much to not send any Snap Biscuits. And you know what? I was right and Dad and Mom were wrong! Under all those pictures, guess what? A bag of Snap Biscuits! WOO!! I was so excited and I started jumping around in circles. There were even some Feline Greenies for Wilbur. Grandmas are the best!!

Another Blogathon prize is this new leash. Kat and I both like it. I like it because it would really coordinate with my red collar. Kat says that she is the kissy dog, so the phrase on the leash is much more appropriate for her. I guess it really doesn't matter since neither of us will be winning this leash. But to all you puppers out there, does this leash match your collar or personality? If so, maybe you'll win it!

SteveSo if you want to win these leash, please sponsor us in the blogathon. Your money will go directly to help Sibes across the country through SOS-SRF. Here's how:

1. Email your pledge information (name and pledge amount) to us at stevekatwilbur AT gmail DOT com.
2. Fulfill your pledge either before or after Blogathon on the SOS-SRF homepage by clicking the Paypal button or sending a check to their address.

Giggly Blue Fire Hydrant

Laser Beam Mouse!