Waiting on Dad

We went for a bike ride on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  The part that wasn't fun was before we left.  Mom got us harnessed up and then Dad spent an insane amount of time looking for his hat.  Come on, Dad, grow some fur!  He has fur on his head, but he doesn't have furry ears, so that's why he said he needed a hat.  Huskies are so much smarter than humans because we grow furry ears to keep us from spending time looking for hats instead of having fun.

Here's Steve waiting.
Here's me.
Here's both Steve and me.
Here's Wilbur.  Even he was bored.  (Wilbur did not get to go for the bike ride.)

Dad did finally find his hat... the next day.  It was in the laundry basket and Mom washed it.


Thanks Echo!

Happy 3rd Wilbur!