Our New House

We bought ourselves a house.  It's going to be the world's coolest Siberian Club House (thanks to our SMS pals for that name).  Here's what it looks like now:

We're going to have Mom repaint it.  She suggested red with black trim.  Dad is also going to take the swing and slide down so we don't get hurt.  Whatever.  We're going to hang cool signs on it like "Sibes Rule and Cats Drool" and "No Cats Allowed".  Wilbur is really jealous.

Some of our friends have been helping us think of new furnishings.  We have the following suggestions: a phone so Steve can order pizza, a couch for me to sleep on, a TV with cable so we can watch Animal Planet, and Holly said that she would need a mattress to sleep on when she comes over.

Oh, and our parents (and Wilbur) are getting to move into the house in front of our new house, but I'm sure you don't care a thing about it.  We'll probably have a housewarming paw-ty as soon as we get everything fixed up, so you all are invited!


Happy 3rd Wilbur!