Mom found a recipe for biscotti for dogs so she made it this morning.  She tweaked the recipe just a bit so that we could give it our own name, so we decided to call it Wooscotti.  What do you pups think?  Is that a good name?

We love it when Mom makes us things.  We are always ready to be team players and taste test.  She gave us some peanut butter (just a tad) while she was mixing up the Wooscotti.  Then when she was cutting it into slices, it made a lot of crumbs, so she let us eat those too.

Here we are waiting for Mom to put the Carob icing on the Wooscotti.
Hurry up, Mom!  Here's Kat looking longingly at the Wooscotti after it was finished, but still too hot to eat.
Later on, Kat and I got in a big fight because I tried to steal a piece of Wooscotti off the cooling rack.  Mom got really upset at us for fighting.  I hope that doesn't keep her from making it again!

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