Awards and Random Facts

Marley and Ziggy AND Star and Jack gave us an award.  It's the "E" for Excellent award and we are very thankful that they gave it to us!  We love being called excellent.  Thanks pups!  We would like to give this award to some pretty new bloggers, The Forget Sit & Stay Gang!

Second, Ari tagged us to name seven random things about ourselves.  The facts were supposed to be unknown.  That made it pretty difficult for us since we write about pretty much everything on our blog, but we thought hard and we think we came up with some good ones.
1. Steve still has pink puppy pads on his feet.
2. Kat's claws are black.  Steve's claws are white/clear.  Wilbur's claws are razor sharp.
3. Wilbur only weighed one pound when Mom rescued him from the pound.
4. Mom thought about naming Kat "Sophie".
5. Wilbur's body is so long, he can't curl into a donut, only like a "u".
6. There is a dog two town homes down from us that is named Brandy and we go nuts everytime we see her and Mom and Dad can't figure out why.
7. We follow Mom everywhere she goes in the house, but don't usually follow Dad unless he goes into the kitchen.

Those are the facts!

Big Day Tomorrow

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