Snow pictures

We finally got computer access.  Between Mom's email checking and Wilbur's research, we never got our turn!  (Wilbur was researching to find the blueprints for Tia's kitty hospital so he could go in and catnap her!  However, she got released and is home now, so he doesn't have to travel to Georgia to rescue her.)

Anyway, as Kat told you in our last post, we got some snow earlier this week.  Here's a picture of me looking quite handsome, as always.

Kat likes it when Dad makes snowballs for her and throws them for her to catch.  I swear, she doesn't act like a husky.  Here's a video of her playing that game with Dad.

Here's a funny picture of Kat trying to chow down on a snowball.
Then Mom took some video of us walking around.  Okay, so we're trying to pull Dad down the sidewalk.  That's what huskies do.  We also like to wrestle on the leashes.  Mom and Dad really don't like it.

Finally, since Kat is the Army of Four safety consultant, she wanted me to throw in this picture of us looking both ways before crossing the street.  We have to make sure we keep ourselves and Dad safe.
I hope we get some more snow soon!

PS. Sorry the videos are kinda dark.  They were taken before 6 AM and it was dark.

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