My last snowy walking video

I promised to take you all back to one spot where I found some really cool Christmas lights. So on Christmas Eve, I got Mom and Dad bundled up and I took them (and Kat) out for a walk.

Here's what happened when we got to my cool lights spot.

Unfortunately, the lights didn't work. Mom thinks that since they were motion sensored, the motion sensor was probably under so much snow, it couldn't sense any motion. The Santa lights were really cool though and I really freaked out when they started talking to me!

Later, we found some other really cool lights. Kat and I were very interested in one house, but Mom wanted us to pay attention to a different house.

Well, that's my last snowy walking video too as most of our snow has been stolen by the snow thief. Hopefully we will get more snow, but I have a hunch it won't be the same.

The Orange Thing

We must have been nice