I'm back

My gal Tia asked about me yesterday, so I thought that I would post a bit about what I've been doing lately.

First off, the girl furry beast posted about Mom working from home yesterday.  Well, the furry beasts just played or slept all day, but as you can see here, I worked really hard.  First I did some document editing.
Next I had to guard Mom's work computer since she doesn't have a cable lock at home.
Working from home is obviously work.  Normally I lay around and sleep all day, but I decided if Mom was home working, I might as well work too.

I'm sure the furry beasts have been going on and on about the snow that we have had all week.  They think the cold and snow is just so wonderful.  Here is a video of my first encounter with it.

My opinion is that it's very cold and wet and I don't like it much.  I prefer to observe the neighborhood small humans from this perch.
A closer look:
Well, that's what I've been doing lately.  I hope all the other kitties out there are keeping warm and enjoying life.


It's a Snow Day!