What happens when you don't use professionals

Here's a picture of our bathroom now.

Yeah, that's right, there is no flooring in half of the bathroom.  Once Dad got the leaky toilet out, he discovered that the seal between the toilet and the pipe that goes out of the house had been leaking and had ruined the flooring under the toilet and there was water puddled under the floor for a lot further radius around the toilet.  So there was no other option but to take out the flooring.

Dad claims that the flooring would have been messed up even if he had used our professional canine plumbing services.  We disagree and say that it's all his fault.  We could have surely done something to stop it.

Look, the humans think they are so smart.  They put the rug down.  Oh yeah, we can't even tell there is flooring missing now.
Next time, hire the S&K Plumbing Service!

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