New Collars

Just before Christmas, Kat and I got some new collars because Mom started worrying that we were going to wiggle out of the ones we had.  After much deliberation, we got Wolf Pack collars.  They don't have any buckles to break and they tighten up on our necks if we pull.  Plus we got the ones with reflective strips, so we are even more visible (if our fur isn't in the way!).  We both like our collars.  I got red and Kat got purple.  Mom just realized yesterday that Kat's purple collar makes her look like a University of Washington husky fan since their colors are purple and their mascot is a husky.  She's perfect.

Here's Kat modeling her new collar.
Kat is horrible at modeling.  Here's me modeling my new collar.
(Khyra, this pic is for you, gorgeous.  Sitka, please don't get jealous, I love you too.  You too, Holly, but you're taken.  Same for you MayaMarie, taken by your masked hero.  I have too many girlfriends to keep track of.  My apologies if I forgot to mention you, lovely ladies.)



Happy New Year!