Death in the family

Today is a tragic day at our house. Someone has been killed and we had to have a funeral. I can barely hold back my tears as I write this. Mr. Orange Bad Cuz is dead. Dad found him with a giant hole in his side about the size of a nickel. I don't know how it happened. I think he must have been shot in the night. Mr. Orange Bad Cuz was our favorite cuz of all. His squeaker had stopped working, but that made him all the more fun to play with. He made a rattling noise instead of squeaking and we couldn't get enough. Mr. Orange Bad Cuz also enjoyed being thrown around the house so we could chase him. Kat loved playing with him so much that she even fetched with him. We often had fights over who would get to enjoy chasing and chewing on him. But now our dear friend is gone.

Kat and I wanted to keep Mr. Orange Bad Cuz even with the gaping hole in his side. Mom said that we might inadvertently eat parts of him, so now that he is dead, we should let his body rest in peace. So we all gathered around the kitchen trash can and woo-ed about how much we loved him and will miss him. I asked Mom if we could get another Mr. Orange Bad Cuz, even though I know that the one who just died is not replaceable. Mom told me that we still have three other cuzes, so she thinks we should be able to get by. I don't know. It's a tragic loss for Kat and me.

Rest in peace Mr. Orange Bad Cuz,

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