Our new duds

("Duds" means "clothes" if you don't speak Texan or Cowboy. Just so you're not confused by my title. Ha, ha, woo, woo!)

We're going to the Bow Wow Pow Wow tomorrow afternoon. Since we always have to look extra stylish when we go on outings, Mom made us new bandannas. These are really cute. Red fabric with black paw prints and black edges. Mine looks especially good if I do say so myself. My black fur really compliments it. Here we are modeling our new bandannas. You can't see the bandannas that well in this picture, but Dad was outside, so Mom was posing us and taking the picture, which is pretty hard when we are uncooperative.Mom always makes us match. Do you think that's just a little bit too much? I realize we're littermates and all, but we do have our own identities. Sigh...


Bow Wow Pow Wow

Utter Embarrassment