Almost Time!

Tomorrow is the big day! Ulee will meet her new family. I asked her if she was nervous...

Steve: Ulee, you know your family is coming tomorrow. Are you nervous?
Ulee: Ummm...kinda, I guess. But from what your mom tells me, they are nice.
Steve: You have a lot of pressure to be cute.
Ulee: I thought I was always cute.
Steve: Oh, not as cute as me, but you're cute. Your problem is that you'll have to compete with me for being the cutest.

Ulee: I didn't realize we were competing since you're not up for adoption.
Steve: Well, yeah, but I'll still be here meeting your new family, and being extremely cute.
Ulee: Maybe you should tone down your cuteness so that I can be the cutest.
Steve: I'm sorry, but when you have a face like mine, there is no toning it down.
Ulee: Well now you're making me nervous. I better go practice cute faces.

Here's a picture I took of Ulee practicing being cute. I think she's getting the hang of it. What do you pups think?


Go Team!

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