New Friend

Last night, Mom and Dad went over to one of their friend's house for game night. When we saw them getting ready, I started getting sad because I knew that meant "kennel" for Steve and me. However, much to our surprise, we got to go to game night too! I was so excited. Once we got there, we met Bailey, our new friend. Bailey has a big back yard, so we played outside with her for a long time. She also has a deck with different layers and it was really fun to go jumping off the deck onto the grass. Steve and I like to be on top of things, so the deck was perfect.

Later, after we got tired, we got to go inside. Dad gave all three of us some bones to chew on. Here's a picture of Bailey and Steve chewing on their bones.We also really like Bailey's dad because he gave us some hot dogs. Mom and Dad never let us eat "human food" so this was our first taste of hot dog. It was delicious! I'm so glad he didn't ask Mom or Dad before he gave it to us. Otherwise, they probably would have said "no" and we wouldn't have gotten to eat the wonderful hot dogs.

What did everypuppy else do yesterday?


PS. Thanks to Scully, Maggie, and Sammy for naming me a Rocking Girl Blogger!!

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