SKW IQ Answers #3

Okay, the contest is now over.

Here are the answers to the SKW IQ Test #3. Holly won the purple bear and Sitka won the pig. (We let them win a second prize since no one else played.)

1. I’ve been to the emergency vet. Wilbur! When he was about 5 months old, he got stepped on while trying to sneak out of the front door. (It was an accident.) At first Mom thought he was okay, but then she found him hiding under the bed and panting. So she took him to the ER vet. He had to spend the night there because he had some internal bleeding, but luckily it was in an area where the organs just smoosh together and it didn’t require surgery. He got to come home the next day. (That’s as technical as I can get. I'm not a vet.)

2. I’m the only pet who won’t fetch. Steve! He just looks at the ball like he doesn’t get it.

3. I drool when I’m waiting for Mom or Dad to put my food dish down. Steve! Mom and Dad make us sit and stay while they put our food dishes down. Then we have to stay until they tell us “okay” and then we can eat. Steve usually gets drool all over the floor while he’s waiting for the “okay”.

4. I once French kissed a stranger. Me, Kat! Once I was on a walk with Mom and this lady wanted to pet me. She bent down and I just took the opportunity to get up close and personal. I think Mom was embarrassed.

5. I’m often referred to as my mom’s shadow. Me again! I like to follow my mom from room to room. During Blogathon, I’m getting a workout because Mom keeps going from her computer room to the kitchen to the living room and back to the computer room. It’s so tiring!

Cleaning? Is she crazy?

Breakfast Time!