Question from Kelsey Ann

We got our first request question! It’s from Kelsey Ann of The Kapp Pack. She says, “I'd like to know how it is possible for 2 huskies to live with a cat. Whenever anyone asks her if we have a cat her reply is ‘a cat would be dog food in our house’. What a great question, Kelsey Ann!

Well, depending on who you ask (and probably when you ask) you might get the response that we don't get along. Mom and Dad made the decision to adopt huskies into a home with a cat after lots of careful thinking and reading. They chose to get us as puppies so that we could grow up with Wilbur and also adopted us from a breeder who had two cats, so we had been exposed to cats from the day we were born.

Now, I can't tell you that we don't chase Wilbur sometimes, because we do. But we are pretty good at stopping when Mom or Dad says, "No! Leave it!" Also, Wilbur has his own room. That's where his litter box, food and water are, and there's a big baby gate blocking the door, so Wilbur can get in, but we can't. So Wilbur can go there when he needs to get away from us. At night, Wilbur gets locked out of the bedroom so that nothing can happen to him while Mom and Dad are sleeping and during the day when they are at work, we are separated from Wilbur as well. Mom and Dad don't want to take any chances.

We think that another key to the fact that we get along alright is that Wilbur is a pretty feisty cat. He's only two, so he's still young. He still has all of his claws, so he can defend himself. And he's not one of those cats that gets agitated by changes in his routine, so he was pretty open to us. Sometimes he tries to play with us by doing leaps over us while we are sleeping.

So all in all, we get along okay. Mom and Dad are always keeping an eye on us to make sure we're not fighting, but so far we haven't had any issues. No promises on any other cat but Wilbur though!


PS. We were going to try to take a picture of the three of us living in harmony, but Wilbur doesn't like us that much. So I'm going to post an old one from Wilbur's birthday. We think that is shows the respect that Steve has for Wilbur since he's not trying to get Wilbur's birthday cake, even though he wants it really badly.

My red fur.

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