Our first winner!

Tasha won our first contest and therefore she won the tennis ball on the rope prize! We think that perhaps the contest was too hard, so for our next contest, we might not ask so many questions. Let us known what you think. Thanks to everyone who played.

Here are the answers:
1. Katarina
2. Rave Motion Pictures, Hurst TX
3. Any of these would have worked: Oatmeal Cyber Crunchies, Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits, Veggie Bones, Healthy Dog Snacks, Bad Breath Banishers, No Flea Dog Biscuits, Texas Pet Biscuits, Hanukkah Noshers, Fleas Navidad Nibblers, Christmas Mint Cookies
4. $35
5. A New Owner’s Guide to Siberian Huskies by Kathleen Kanzler, or Siberian Huskies, A Complete Owner’s Manual
6. Hazel

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