It's snowed..., not really. You would think that with all the time we are spending typing and coming up with things to write about during Blogathon, Mom and Dad could leave us alone. But no, even though it's Blogathon day, we still have to complete our Saturday afternoon ritual of Furmination. So while it might look like there is snow in our yard, it's really just the fur being taken from us against our will. If you think this post is short, blame the parents for taking us away from our typing. Steve

PS. Still no winner in the SKW IQ test. If we don't get any comments with 5 correct answers by 7 PM central time, we'll award the prize to the entrant with the most correct guesses. Even if you don't know the answers, come on and take a guess!!!

I'm a Siberian, I fetch

How I Got Here Tag - Husky Edition