I'm a Siberian, I fetch

I like to play fetch. I know that's not a very Siberian thing to do, but I still do it. I think maybe other Siberians don't fetch because they don't have the right ball. I only fetch one particular ball and that's my yellow daisy "Life is Good" ball. My mom said it cost an arm and a leg, but she says it was worth it since I love it so much. (I don't really understand how it cost her an arm and a leg. She bought it in the Atlanta airport while waiting to come home to us in March, but she showed up with both arms and legs.) The other day I was playing fetch with Mom and Dad videoed us so I could share my fun with you. Please ignore Steve. He's jealous of my playing with Mom and is therefore climbing all over her and trying to play bite her arm. That's why he's getting in trouble constantly in the video.


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It's snowed...