How I Got Here Tag - Husky Edition

We wrote about how Mom and Dad decided to get Siberians earlier today, but you might be wondering how they came to pick us exactly. They had their eye on a planned litter from one breeder, but the litter never developed, so Mom started looking around on Puppyfind. She was mostly just looking to find different breeders so that Mom and Dad could get their name on a list for two puppies. However, she found my picture. Mom wanted a girl husky that was black and white and "had a lot of black on her face". (That's how Mom described it.) I was perfect for that job. Then Mom discovered that the same litter had a boy that was gray and white and didn't have a lot of color on his face, but still had a little bit. That was exactly what Dad wanted. Then to top it all off, those two perfect puppies were only about 30 miles from where they lived. The only problem was that Mom really didn't want to adopt puppies until after she and Dad got married. (Something about no puppies out of wedlock.) She found us in November and they were getting married in December. However, once Dad looked at our pictures online, he told Mom that those two puppies must have been meant for them: two puppies, so close to home, that looked exactly how they wanted. So Mom bended the rules, and they adopted us. To top it all off, we have the same birthday as our Missouri grandpa. So I think we found the family where we belong!


We have two of these twisted rawhide bones. These prizes will go to the first two doggies to correctly name the breeder we came from. Hint: We mentioned it on the blog in March when we posted puppy pictures.

It's snowed...

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