From MayaMarie

While we were at the dog park, MayaMarie wrote in and asked, "We look about the same age, maybe 8 or 9 months. Are you'all totally house/potty trained? You see, when she takes me out, I will go outside, but if I have to go when I'm inside, my potty pad better be in the place it has been since I got here, or I'm gonna go in that spot no matter what. I'm not being very cooperative in the learing to go outside ordeal. Any suggestions. I'm sorry if it's a "not so pretty" subject, but I thank you for your help."

We must be about the same age! Our birthday is October 14, so we're a little over 9 months old now. Don't worry about this being a "not so pretty" subject. It's an important one for us ladies who don't want to embarrass ourselves with accidents.

We are pretty much completely potty trained. Steve has more accidents than I do, but he rarely has them anymore. Has your mom tried putting a bell on the door? That's what really helped us. Before the bell, we would go to the door and if they didn't notice us in the millisecond that we gave them, we peed in the house. Then we got a bell and learned that if we pushed it, Mom or Dad would come running and magically the door would open. That really worked for us.

I still have a problem of when I'm out in public and I see another dog, I crouch down really low and potty a little bit. Then I roll over on my back. It's really embarrassing, but I haven't figured out how to stop. Mom heard that my muscles just have to develop. So if anydoggie has suggestions about this issue, let me know!


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