Walks and a Prize

Since it's been so hot here, my mom and dad have started taking us on a walk in the morning and another walk in the evening. We used to walk almost 4 miles all at one time, but now we are doing 2 of those in the morning and the rest at night. Steve and I love the morning walk because it's so nice and cool outside and we usually see some bunnies and birds. The afternoon walk is really HOT, but Mom and Dad insist that we still need some exercise in the evenings or we will not let them get any sleep. (Whatever.) At least our HOT walks are shorter now. How far does everypuppy else walk everyday?

Also, here's another blogathon prize. It's a cool coaster for you to keep your water dish on so that it doesn't leave rings on your mom's furniture. We have two of these to give away. It's the same logo as one of the T-shirts I have already modeled for you and the coaster is made of tile, so you'll have to treat it gently so it doesn't break. Good luck!Steve

Two Days Remaining

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