Big Announcement

Here ye, here ye!
We have a big announcement to make! Our mom has started trying to get involved in Adopt a Husky of Dallas. She's helping plan a big husky picnic for this fall for all huskies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Anyway, she got an email this week with announcements from the rescue and included in the newsletter was this fact: in June, Adopt a Husky of Dallas had over $4000 in expenses! Now, we're sure that a lot of you who came from rescues know how expensive it is to operate a rescue, but we had no idea!

Now, we were fortunate enough to be adopted from our canine mom into a family who loves us tons and tons, but some huskies aren't that lucky as some of our blogger friends know. So we asked ourselves, "How can we help these huskies in Texas?" We don't have any money since our mom doesn't pay us for working around the house doing things like spreading fur, decorating with toys, and eating peanut butter. So we decided to take a page from Meeshka's book and join up with the Blogathon! We convinced our mom to help us, so now we need your help! If you have any money left after sponsoring Meeshka (and don't forget to sponsor her), please sponsor us too. You can sponsor us at this link.

We will do our best to be entertaining for the 24 hours of Blogathon. We don't have super cool prizes like Meeshka has, but we are brainstorming! It's our first Blogathon and we are super excited!!

Steve and Kat

PS. Even Wilbur is going to help blog during the Blogathon! What a nice kitty!

We're resting up for Blogathon!

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