My Embarrassment

Sitka posted pictures on her blog of the time her mom dressed her up in a sweater. She said it was really embarrassing. I can totally sympathize with poor Sitka, even if I don't usually feel bad for huskies. You see this one time, my mom was shopping at Old Navy for herself and she found a green striped polo shirt. She liked it, so she went to the checkout and at the checkout they had green striped polo shirts for dogs - in the exact same fabric! She couldn't resist that and they happened to have an extra-small, so you can guess what happened next.
My mom thinks that is such a funny picture. You might not be able to tell, but I am plotting right there in the picture how I am going to attack her ankles for all eternity for making me put that shirt on. After she finally freed me of the clothing, she put the shirt on the floor and I started attacking it. I clawed it and bit it, but for some reason, it still exists. I don't think I've had to put it on again though.
PS. Sometime I'll post the pictures from Halloween where she dressed me up as a pumpkin. Animal cruelty, I tell you!

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