Today was a fun day. First off, there was a break in the rain, so Dad took us on a bike ride. Then, after our bike ride, we got to go shopping! Now, since I am a girl, you know I love shopping. And we even went to my favorite store - PetsMart! We had two things on our shopping list: new Kongs and new Cuzes. We just had Puppy Kongs, and Mom decided that we had outgrown them and needed grown up Kongs. Also last night, Steve broke the squeaker on one of the Cuzes, so we got new ones of those and in a bigger size since our mouths have gotten bigger since we got our first ones.

Here's a picture of us shopping.
Then, Mom let us have our Kongs in the car. We were very excited to get them.
We chewed on the Kongs at home too just to make sure they tasted good at home as well as in the car.
Also, once we got home, we got to break out the Cuzes. Here is a picture of them. Our PetsMart was all out of Good Cuzes, so we had to get Bad ones.

I decided to hog them since Steve was busy with his Kong.

Here we are playing with the Cuzes.

In case you're wondering, Steve is not nearly as crabby today as he has been the rest of the week. I think he's happy that he got new toys.


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