Pool Puppies

We got a pool. It is so fun!! Living in Texas, pool are the only way a husky can survive. (At least that's what we told Mom right before she went to the store.) It is really great to be able to get wet and NOT be taking a bath! In fact, yesterday we went for a walk and found some mud and instead of giving us a bath, Dad just filled up our pool and we went swimming to clean the mud off. It was fantastic!

Wilbur doesn't like to go swimming. However, he did like resting in the pool right after we got it and it was inside. Now that the pool has been outside, it has to stay outside, so Wilbur doesn't get to hang out in it anymore. I'm sure he's sad about that, but what's a cat to do? They don't like to swim, so he just has to stay inside and watch Steve and me have fun.

Here are some videos of us playing in the pool. Mom sounds really goofy, so you can just tune her out. (Trust me, it can be done. We do it all the time.)


Do we have what it takes?

Tummy Tag!