New Dog Park

Hey everypuppy!  We have some new videos of us at a dog park in Seattle.  It was a really cool dog park.

We got to swim in Lake Washington.  There was algae in the lake, so we got really green.  It doesn't show up very well on these videos.

Then I found a good spot for digging.

Guess who we saw at the dog park?  Royal and the rest of his pack!  It was kind of embarrassing though.  We were getting ready to leave and Steve and I were so green and dirty that Mom and Dad decided to wash us off.  So we were by the water hose near the gate.  So when Royal came in, I was in the shower!  Eeeeekkkkk!  A handsome boy saw me in my most vulnerable position.  (Other than pottying).  I was so mortified.  Royal was totally fluffy and handsome and there I was, wet and looking like a drowned cat.  I guess I was an almost drowned Kat!!  (Ha, ha!)  I hope I can see him again when I'm looking more beautiful.


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