We Made It!

Finally, the part of our story where we actually made it to our new home. Here's a picture of us in front of the townhome with Mom.This video shows us exploring the house the first time.

We don't have a backyard anymore, but we do have a balcony. Steve likes to watch everyone walk along the sidewalk from his balcony perch.
You wouldn't believe how many dogs live here! It drives us crazy because we see dogs walk past the front of our house all the time and then we want to go outside like every ten minutes. Since we now have to go out on a leash, Mom and Dad don't like it very much. We still don't have any furniture, so Dad says once we do have some, we won't be able to see out the front window as well. We will see if he's right. Our furniture arrives tomorrow.Since we don't have any furniture, we only have one dog bed because that's all Mom and Dad could fit in the car. So in this picture, Steve is showing how we improvise.
I have been having fun playing with my yellow ball. It's great because there isn't any furniture to get in the way!

Finally, Wilbur doesn't have furniture to jump onto to get away from us. So he's found a new perch.That's all for now!

We've got Stuff!

If this car ride takes any longer, I might go puppy crazy!