Lazy Puppy

Mom and Dad think I'm a lazy puppy, especially when I drink out of my water dish. I don't know where they get this idea. Just because I can't be bothered to stand up while drinking out of my water dish doesn't mean that I'm lazy. It just means that I'm saving my energy to wrestle and chase Steve. Energy spent playing is much better than energy spent standing up while drinking. I'm sure any husky would agree with this.

Last night, Mom and Dad came home smelling like other dogs. It was just a hint of other dog smell, so Steve and I could tell that they hadn't actually touched another dog, but just had been in the presence of other dogs. After doing some major sniff investigation, we determined that they had been around other dogs and not just one location, but two! From what we have been able to sniff out, they went to a doggie day camp to find out about taking us there sometimes. (We think that sounds good.) Their other stop appears to have been a dog park. We detected that there was a lot of open space for us to run around in with other dogs. We even got a whiff of husky so we think there might have been other huskies at this dog park. This also sounds great, so we hope we get to visit the dog park soon. Why would Mom and Dad go there with out us?


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