Poor Cowboys

My favorite sport is basketball. I love round balls that I can chase and the net that the humans throw the basketball into looks like it would be fun to chew on, so that's why I like basketball best. My favorite basketball team is the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. First I like them because that's where Mommy went to engineer school. (Even though I don't like it when she goes to work, at least she can buy me toys and treats, so because of that I support this engineering business.) Daddy went to engineer school at Texas A&M. Now, they have a dog as a mascot, so that's good, but it's a collie and I think that if you want to have a furry dog as your mascot, you should pick a husky, so since they didn't, I don't like that team. (I bet my friend Turbo would agree!) I also like OSU because the world famous restaurant, Eskimo Joes, is in that town and they do have a husky on their logo! So that is why OSU is the best.

Last night was a very sad night. OSU was playing Texas A&M in basketball. Mommy and I were totally excited. She was dressed up in OSU fur (called a sweatshirt) and I had on my OSU bandana. Daddy and Steve weren't wearing anything Texas A&M, so Mommy and I thought our team would have the spirit advantage. The first half of the game wasn't so great. A&M was winning. Then in the second half, OSU came back to within 3 points, so Mommy and I were cheering. But by the end of the game, it all fell apart again. Texas A&M beat OSU 67 to 49. Mommy and I were really sad. In fact, I'm still being a little pouty about it now. They play again in March where OSU will have the home court advantage, so I hope there is a different outcome to that game!


This is at a point in the game when we were happy.

HULA Hoop!

So this is what these sharp things are for!