Bath Time

Mommy said I was smelly and that I must be itchy since I scratch all the time, so she said I should take a shower. I haven't never taken a shower, so how was I supposed to know what it would be like. Mommy was talking in an upbeat voice and so I thought, "Sure! This will be super fun. Just me and Mommy without Steve hogging her attention!" So Mommy takes me into the bathroom and takes off all of her fur (she calls them clothes). Luckily she let me keep my fur on. Then we get into this little area and it started raining! In the house! So Mommy got me all wet and drippy. I was not looking very cute and fluffy. In fact, she said I looked like a rat! Anyway, so Mommy washed her hair and then she washed my fur and then we both rinsed off and then she wrapped me up in a fluffy towel. The shower really wasn't so bad because Mommy got in there too. It wasn't nearly as bad as the bath when Daddy held me down in the tub while Mommy poured water over me with a cup and they weren't even getting wet. At least this time I knew Mommy was suffering too. All that being said, I hope I don't have to take showers very often.


PS. Here's a picture of me sleeping with my teddy bear, Rupert.

Sympathy Love

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