Photo Update

I am behind on writing about my adventures, so I thought I would post some pictures and quick comments about what I've been up (and in) to.
Mom graduated from Oklahoma State University, so she bought a bandana for Kat to wear. (Kat is supposed to be the OSU fan and I'm supposed to be the Texas A&M fan.) However, one day when Dad was out walking Kat, Mom dressed me up in the bandana to play a joke on Dad. He wasn't happy. :-)
Last weekend, Dad and I took a nap on my bed. Mommy thought we looked cute, so she took our picture.We had to go to the vet last week, so here is a picture of us at the vet with Mommy. She looks weird in this picture, but don't tell her I said that.

Last Sunday, Mommy took us on a LONG walk so we got really tired. We spent several hours that afternoon sleeping in the back yard.
Well, that's the stuff I've been doing lately. I'll be sure to write about Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!

What do huskies do with sick mommies?