Sympathy Love

On Saturday afternoon, we were sitting at home with Mommy and she was waiting on Daddy to get there. So Steve and I started wrestling just like was always do. (Really, if you think about it, do we ever stop wrestling except to eat and sleep?) While wrestling, I got up on my back legs to try to knock Steve over but instead, I slipped and knocked my head on the floor. Since Mom and Dad are replacing the carpet in the house, there are only concrete floors, so it really hurt when I hit my head. Mommy rushed to my side and picked me up and started cuddling me and asking me if I was okay. I just laid there, limp in her arms. So she picked up her phone and called Daddy and was asking him when he was going to get there because I was hurt. So I just laid very still while Mommy was holding me and Steve was running around like the crazy, jealous dog that he is. Then Daddy got there and Steve started barking at him to get attention, but Daddy just came to Mommy and petted me and asked me if I had a headache. Once Daddy was there, I decided that my head didn't hurt anymore. I just wanted Daddy to get home because I am Daddy's Cutie Pie.


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