Working late

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

I had to do some more work once I got home tonight, but luckily I had my trusty sidekick to keep me company.

(My forever loyal sidekick, Kat, was under the desk behind me. She always hangs out in her cave while I work at home.)


Gus, Appellate Lawyer

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

On Monday, I make my first trip to the Federal Circuit to support one of our partner's during an oral argument on a case I'm working on.  I've been working to make sure I know the record and case law so I will be ready. While Gus didn't go to law school like Steve and Kat, he is also working hard to beef up his appellate law credentials. It's nice to have such good support.


Gus does cross country

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

Today we took Gus to the Big 12 Cross Country championship meet at Old Settler's Park. It was one of the first cold mornings in Texas, so it was perfect husky weather. We decked ourselves out in orange and black to support Oklahoma State. 


Gus really enjoyed cheeering on the runners.  Go Pokes!


The daughter of a friend from high school runs for Kansas, so it was fun to be able to cheer her on so close to our house.

Gus got a lot of attention from the other spectators, but his favorite part was when the West Virginia girls team came and surrounded him with love.


Who knew Gus was such a ladies man!


We love Dayna (and Mike)!

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

At the end of August, our pet sitter sold her business and "retired" from pet sitting. She has been watching the pups for three years and we will miss her so much. I never thought that I would get so attached to a pet sitter, but I was really attached to Dayna and her husband, Mike. I know Dayna really loves the dogs, especially Steve and Kat. They love her too. Sometimes we would see her walking in the neighborhood and the pups would just go crazy. They are always so excited to see her.

Back when we first got Gus, Dayna made our lives so much easier by coming by every day to let Gus out of his crate for a potty break. On the first day, Kat attacked Gus and Dayna called me to let me know what happened and that no one was hurt. I started crying and Dayna talked me down and told me it would be okay and Kat would eventually be nice to Gus. She was not just our pet sitter, but also my therapist!

The only picture I had of Dayna with the pups was this one with Steve that she sent while we were on our cruise in August.


This weekend, we walked over to Mike and Dayna's house for a visit and I got a picture of them with the pups. We wish Mike and Dayna the best on their new adventures and are so happy we got to know them!


Weekend Walk

by Steve, Kat, & Gus

On the weekends, we try to take the pups for extra long walks. Today we took them to a different neighborhood so we could try out the walking trails. Our neighborhood doesn't have a great network of trails and with three dogs, it's nice to have the wider walking paths so David and I can walk side-by-side without feeling crowded.

The paths were nice and wide, so Kat wasn't crowded out by the crazy boys.


Steve could still stay on the pavement while Gus took the off-road route.


There were park benches at various spots. The pups took advantage of one bench and posed for a picture.


We enjoyed the trail system, so we might make it part of our walking rotation.

PS. Lest you think that Gus is as good at taking pictures as Steve and Kat, here are a couple pictures showing that it took him a bit to get with the program.